Shruti Bansal

Principal Freight Product Manager

About Shruti Bansal:

  • Shruti was born and raised in India, where she graduated from the University of Delhi with a degree in Economics and started her career in commodity analytics and trading.
  • After three years at Louis Dreyfus Company, she moved overseas and has lived in four different countries so far, including Germany where she was Senior Trading Analyst at Vattenfall.
  • The commodity trading and freight industry are highly dominated by men. Shruti managed to thrive in this world despite this gender obstacle.
  • Shruti used to work as an analyst and a broker for a long time and noticed that there's no digital-first tool for her and her colleagues to use to track and analyze the market (everything was based on spreadsheets then).
  • Shruti took on this challenge and she was committed to building a platform that would fill the information gap between the market reality and commercial decisions.
  • Shruti was hired by Kpler to do specifically that - build freight tracking and analytics software, which is now a gold standard of the industry. She joined Kpler in June 2019, specifically to pilot the development of Kpler’s Freight product from scratch.
  • Thanks to Shruti’s work, the product allows freight professionals to decrypt the freight market in just a few clicks. By having access to all the needed intelligence in one single place (“one-stop-shop”) they can make better decisions such as to spot market trends, monitor competition and reduce their risk.
  • One year after its launch, the platform has 1200 users from 50 client companies, including the major players of the freight industry (ship owners) and the big charterers (oil & gas majors). Freight data is regularly quoted in the top freight media (such as Tradewinds).