Todd Fagley

Founder & CEO
MedSource Labs

C. Todd Fagley is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of MedSource Labs, a medical device company headquartered in the Twin Cities of Minnesota.  An experienced health care executive, Mr. Fagley founded the company in 2002 with a passion to help improve patient outcomes by providing high quality, cost effective medical products. From the start, the company was highly resourceful, building relationships with overseas partners and rapidly winning new customers across the globe. Today, the company provides hundreds of Class I and II medical products that are used by hospital systems, health care clinics, first responders, and government agencies. The company also provides a unique service, EMERGE, which transforms a customer’s idea for developing a medical device into market-ready products. Mr. Fagley is also strongly committed to corporate social responsibility and, in 2019 launched, NxtMed, which is part of the company’s strong commitment to help clients better manage sustainability challenges and reduce medical waste.

Prior to starting MedSource nearly twenty years ago, Mr. Fagley served at the medical manufacturing firm, Teleflex Inc. He also worked at one of the world’s largest distributors of pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, McKesson Corp. Mr. Fagley attended Purdue University and received his Bachelor’s degree from Denison University.  He currently resides in Excelsior, MN with his wife, Brenda and three children.