Tom James

Commodity Market Expert and Author
Deep Space Commodities

Unlocking value in the Commodity & Energy Industry for over 30 years. International experience. FinTech Entrepreneur. Fund Manager. Author. Musician. Space Enthusiast. 
Distinguished Professor Tom James is a serial FinTech entrepreneur with extensive industry expertise in the International Commodity sector whose consultation is sought after by Governments and Multinationals. In 2014 he was called upon to serve as a Senior Energy Advisor to the United States Department of Defense (TFBSO) and he currently sits on the Financing Advisory Resources panel for the Singapore Government trade development agency, Enterprise Singapore. 

He has had a passion for Space since a young boy, as his home town in England was right next door to Europe’s largest Satellite Earth Station (Goonhilly) which is famous for receiving the first ever Trans-Atlantic TV broadcast via satellite between the USA and the UK in 1962.

Tom is a successful published author, having documented and shared his extensive commodity market industry expertise through a series of 9 books and in 2018 he Authored and Edited “DEEP SPACE COMMODITIES” a book orientated on the commercial aspects of doing Commodity business in Space.  It looks at the key issues broad issues covering Technical, Legal, and International Agreements on Space. Some of his textbooks have become required material for professional exams & university and have been cited by NASA, other Government agencies and Academics from around the world.

In early 2020 he joined the “Singapore Space Accelerator Program” as a mentor to help develop Start-ups in the Space Tech industry. This is a private / public sector initiative with the support of the Singapore Government.