Victoria Miklausich

Head of Product Marketing & Customer Experience

Victoria Miklausich is a storyteller by nature, marketer by trade and an innovative team leader. With almost 15 years experience in storytelling, innovation and branding, she takes unknown products to the right people at the right time in the most creative way possible. She thrives on crazy ideas that stick in people's mind. But all of the creativity and innovation must do one thing - make a positive impact on the business - both financially and with brand awareness.She has a unique background of entrepreneurship wrapped in Fortune 500 maturity. On-time, within budget, while meeting expectations and driving a positive customer experience is the name of the game under her leadership. Currently she serves at the Lead Product Marketer of Ryder's Technology & Innovations including 9 products, platforms and solutions. RyderShare, RyderGyde, Warehouse Automation as well as leading and executing a variety of customer engagement