Vignan Velivela

CEO & Co-Founder

Vignan Velivela, the co-founder and CEO of AtoB, leads a pioneering trucking payments platform revolutionizing financial transactions within the trucking industry. After speaking with truckers at stops across America, Vignan and his co-founders realized the strain that a lack of modernization in the industry put on truckers, who serve as the backbone of the economy. Under his direction, AtoB has developed innovative solutions to streamline and optimize payment processes, reducing administrative burdens and improving overall efficiency for trucking companies and their stakeholders.

Vignan's leadership at AtoB reflects his passion for innovation and commitment to leveraging technology for transformative change in the transportation sector. Outside of work, Vignan deeply respects nature; after trekking the Valley of Flowers, he hopes to complete the Great Allegheny Passage in the next few years. Prior to AtoB, he served as an Engineer at Cruise Automation, contributing to the development of self-driving car fleets.