Jeffrey Williams
Energy Lead

Jeffrey Williams is the Energy Lead for Geosite, where he is responsible for all business and product development of the company's energy practice. Geosite’s streamlined platform combines data from tracking & monitoring systems, including satellite, drone, and now IOT data, to help users eliminate the need to correlate information in their heads. Geosite provides clarity to remote operations and to the oilfield. Geosite gives organizations with a large desk-less workforce the ability to coordinate and maintain visibility of their operations.

Jeffrey is providing the energy industry with a solution to consume geospatial data, including the best commercial satellite imagery to improve remote operations, reduce methane emissions, and enable desktop recon.

He has a decade of experience in energy technology, and is passionate about bringing the best of Silicon Valley technology to the industry. His roots run deep in Houston, as demonstrated by his love for the Astros. Last but not least, his greatest accomplishment is his family, which includes his wife and two kids, Lucy and Jake Williams.